Friday, February 3, 2012

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What Should You Know About Alternative Straightening Systems?

Alternative straightening systems are the latest craze to sweep the hair industry. These systems have become popularized by women with naturally curly textures who seek frizz-free hair, and want the ability to retain their curls. Alternative straightening systems are presented as a means to have both smooth, silky hair and manageable, curly tresses with the ability to go back and forth. Unfortunately, misinformation abounds with regard to the nature of the systems, the ingredients contained in the products and the after-effects of usage. Design Essentials®, a multicultural industry leader for over 20 years would like to share some facts about alternative straightening systems for women who may have heard the term but don't have the full scoop.

Women who are transitioning to natural hair are generally excited to embrace their natural texture. However, as they begin to grow their natural hair out, some become frustrated with the process and behavior of their new growth. The old products they used no longer work. The styling techniques they once employed aren't effective, and they aren't sure what will deliver the polished look they've come to rely on from relaxers.

"It's all about healthy options," says Tracey Gibson, Director of Marketing for McBride Research Laboratories. "Design Essentials® partners with consumers at every step of their hair journey and delivers the alternatives to empower women to make the choice that best fits their lifestyle."

What is an alternative straightening system?
An alternative straightening system is designed to offer non-permanent loosening, elongation and silkening of curly, textured hair.
What type of hair can alternative straightening systems be used on?

Hair that has previously been chemically treated (i.e. colored or relaxed), natural hair and hair transitioning from relaxed to natural can all reap the benefits of an alternative straightening system. It's ideal for loosening curly, tightly coiled and wavy textures that experience lots of frizz and unruliness.

Do alternative straightening systems use heat?

Some alternative straighteners tame and transform the hair through the use of thermal reconditioning. Treating the hair with the lowest heat setting delivers lasting manageability by locking in the effects for up to 16 weeks and locking out agents that promote reversion-like humidity.

What ingredients should healthy thermal straighteners have?
There are a few key ingredients that are very beneficial in maintaining the health and integrity of your hair, like as botanicals such as Olive Oil or Honey that conditions, minerals and vitamins that nourishes & strengthens, humectants for moisture balance and amino-acids or protein compounds that fortifies and provides a thermal shield during the heat styling process.

When considering alternative straightening systems be sure to do the research and consult a licensed cosmetologist to learn which system fits your hair type. Stay tuned for more educational articles from Design Essentials®, Your Partner In Style.

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MagnificentReign said...

Thanks for sharing. I'm still not sold on these straightening systems. I'm approaching BSL and the last thing I need is to lose my curls to these chemicals!

DPrincess28 said...

@MagnificentReign: Oh, I hear you! Trust, I'm not advocating this at all. This is just info I received via email and so I thought I'd share. Unlike some extremists, I don't believe in telling people what to do with their hair. So, although I wouldn't use one of these methods, I figured I'd still put the info out there and allow others to make their own decisions.

CaLiDiVa00 said...

Interesting....I was gonna ask u DPrincess if u would use something like this. I just have anxiety all over again when I even THINK of trusting the care of my hair to a "professional" stylist. I have too many bad memories. I'm having a hard time even working up nerve to visit salons that specialize in natural hair care, LOL. I dont have any complaints regarding my reggie so I'm not tryna fix what aint broke, LOL!