Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Clip-ins Revisited

After my sew-in experience a few weeks ago, I decided, yet again, that I am a clip-in kinda girl! I love the ease of clip ins. They can help you add length or fullness in no time, and there is no thread or glue to mess with. They take very little time and commitment, for all you have to do is clip 'em in and clip 'em out!

I used some wavy, dark brown hair I had purchased a few years back when I first made some homemade clip-ins to create my clip-in tracks. I rocked the clip ins two days in a row. On the first day, my hair had been flat ironed and placed in a bun over night. When I took the bun out the next day, I had loose waves that blended in perfectly with the wavy hair:

My hair with two clip in tracks
On day two, which was actually like day 5 of my hair being straight, I had to curl my hair with a curling iron/curlers in order to get some texture to it, as the bun didn't set the waves as well as I would have liked it to. This is because it was getting close to wash day, so my hair had just about had it. I was determined to wear it straight for at least another day or two, so I went ahead and curled it and applied one track:

Here's the placement for the track:

Location for track
Track in

Because my hair was not cooperating like I wanted it to, I decided to throw it back into a ponytail. I just made sure that I swept enough hair over the clips to conceal them:

Full ponytail thanks to one clip in track
Back shot of ponytail
I let two tendrils fall near the front of my face, and that was it for my clip-in style!

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Mari Gonzalez said...

Another must try for me. I've been doing the braid out thing and I'm ready for more length. Very pretty!