Friday, August 31, 2012


Subscriptions Anyone?

I've been thinking about signing up for one of the many beauty/fashion subscriptions that are currently available to us consumers. My Glam seems quite enticing, as it provides its subbies with 4-5 full-size beauty products to sample each month, for the low, low price of $10.00. You can cancel at anytime, or get twelve months of service for the price of eleven by putting up $110.00 up front.

The other subscription service I'm thinking of signing up for is Just Fab, where you can get the latest pair of designer footwear sent to your home for $39.95/month. Since I love shoes, I thought it would be a great way to check out some of the latest styles without having to leave the comfort of my home.

Have you or anyone you know signed up for either of these services or something similar? If so, please share, as I would like some input before making a decision.




porsha mcdaniels said...

I tried have tried almost all of them my favorite hands down is Birchbox and Julep

Tee Eee said...

If I do a shoe subscription service, I'll be doing shoedazzle. I have friends who sub to both SD & JF & I like the feel & look of the SD merchandise more than JF. As far as cosmetic (hair, make-up, skin care, etc.) services, I'm on the side of not doing those. I have a hard time NOT buying those things in the stores. Wouldn't save me anything to have a sub service & still be buying cosmetics when I go shopping. Let me know how the cosmetic one works for you (I'm sure you will).

MagnificentReign said...

I only subscribe to and I do like their subscription service. However, I have yet to actually purchase a full size product from them. Maybe I'm just a sample hog lol.
My friend Chantel has a YouTube channel where she does reviews of different shoes and I think she has a few videos on a couple shoe subscription services and their shoes. She is a complete shoe-aholic! Her channel is Chantel211.
I think I might check out that My Glam, I've never heard of it before and the term "full-size" speaks to me! lol

Wanika Budlove said...

I have a membership to Just Fab and I love it. Every month they send you about 7 different shoes to view along with jewelry and purse/bag selections. Your first purchase will be 20%off and you'll be automatically upgraded to the VIP membership. The only catch is you have to select to skip that particular month by the 5th, or you'll be charged the $39.95, but if you end up buying a pair of shoes, it doesn't matter anyway. They are always having sales and have such cute shoes! Plus they always let you know what's actually available in your size before you get to the checkout and are disappointed.