Friday, January 18, 2013

Hair & Makeup

January Glam Bag

Wanna see what's in this month's glam bag?? If so, step inside...

It's January, and I'm now four months into my Ipsy subscription. Thanks to recent upgrades to their system, subscribers such as myself are now receiving more customized glam bags. Because of this, I am becoming more and more pleased with the service with each passing month.

The first item inside this month's glam bag is this Body Butter by Pacifica.

Although I have ultra sensitive skin and therefore cannot put products like this on my body, I intend to use this citrus scented body butter as a hand cream. And, thanks to its size, it fits comfortably inside my purse :-).

The second item in this month's glam bag is this crease brush by SOHO. It's big and fluffy and perfect for sweeping color above the lid.

Next up is this sample size bottle of Big Sexy hair spray. I don't think this product is going to get much play from me considering I hate the sticky feel hairsprays tend to leave on the hair. But, who knows. I may get inspired to do a wild beehive look, so this product may one day come in handy...

I received another hair product this month, and it is Pure Argon Oil by Josie Maran:

So far I've only used this product once, but I must say that it left quite a good first impression. I applied it to the ends of my hair and combed it in before bedtime, then wrapped my hair and covered it with a satin scarf. When I took my hair down the next day, it was silky smooth and the ends looked a lot more tame than they had the previous day.

What I like most about this oil is that unlike pure coconut oil or EVOO, it does not leave my hair feeling greasy. It's actually a little thicker than oil and has somewhat of a serum-like consistency. I only used a small amount on the underside and top side of my hair, but it appears that a little goes a long way. I plan to continue using this product to see how my hair responds to it over time.

And last but not least is this fabulous nail polish color by Nailtini called Bloody Mary:

This is the second time I've received a polish by this brand in a glam bag, and I must say I am digging this blood red color. I think my tootsies like it too:

That's it for this month's bag full of goodies. Hopefully there will be more great things to come...


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Love your desing

pearle said...

I just wanna buy ur Glam bag dear... Full of some useful goodies like you said in your post.. also can i put my lovely Murano Glass Jewelery in it..:)