Thursday, April 18, 2013



I went to rehab last year, and I am very proud to say...

I am no longer a product junkie! Now, you guys know that I have sampled many, many, MANY hair products during my blogging/vlogging career, and that doesn't even include the several others I experimented with before entering this online hair care world. Well, I can honestly say that the old adage, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it," is definitely true, for I have been on a quest to find the "perfect" products for my natural hair, and all my exploration has done is brought me right back where I started!

The products I use today are...
Pre-poo Treatment
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Curly Hair Styling
  • Water
  • Coconut Oil
  • Hawaiian Silky Curl Activator Gel
  • Bronner Bros Extra Lite Super Gro (for edges)
  • Isoplus Styling Gel (for edges) 

Straight Hair Styling
  • Frizz Ease Straight Fixation
  • Silk Elements Megasilk Heat Protection Spray
  • Oil Moisturizer Hair Lotion by Bronner Brothers (to moisturize)
  • Coconut Oil (to seal)
  • and sometimes...Pure Argon Oil (to seal) 
  • Silk Elements Straight Edges (not shown)
Most of the products I use today are products I've been using for years, with the exception of a few. I've found that nothing tames my curls and locks in moisture as well as curl activator gel, so although I've tried several curly hair lotions, potions, and serums, gel is the one product I have always been able to rely on. 

I was going to do a post of my favorite products for 2013, but when I revisited my "Favorite Products for 2012" post, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that nothing had changed. If you don't believe me, just compare the list above to the one from last year.

Now, I don't want any of you product junkies out there to feel bad, because the truth of the matter is, curly/kinky/textured hair requires a lot of TLC, and product experimentation is oh so necessary, especially for those just embarking on a natural hair journey (or just hair care journey, period). I do believe however that over time, you'll find what works best for you, and your cabinets and drawers will start to feel less and less loaded down with products.

So now, tell me, are you still a product junkie?




Tee Eee said...

Definitely not a product junkie. At least, not anymore. I've been on a No-Buy for quite some time now because I have so many products & product samples. Since I do mainly protective syles & twist outs its going to take some MAJOR time to go through what I have. I've even given some away and I still have more than I could use in a year!

Bridget Johns said...

I am definitely a product junkie. My cabinets and storage areas are overflowing with products. This year, however, I am determined to reduce my stash down to a few staple products and stick with them. Through my experimenting, I too have found that curl activators moisturize my curls the best.

MsGA30 said...

I think I had a little PJ phase for a little while, but now I'm at a point where I am really trying to narrow it down to my staple products. I can't wait for the day that rehab will be over lol. Thanks you for the post!