Friday, May 18, 2012


My Favorite Products for 2012

Each year, my regimen changes slightly, as I experiment with products and move certain items in and out of rotation. Last year, around this same time, I shared My Favorite Products: Hair & Skin Care. I thought it would be interesting to see if the same products I once used most often and loved made the list this year...

 #1. EVOO

Great as a pre-poo treatment and for detangling before washing (For more info, see Q&A Vol 8: Hot Oil, Deep Conditioning & Hair Dye.).

 #2. Water

My curls could not be moisturized or styled without it.

#3. Pure Coconut Oil

Seals in moisture like nothing else. Also works great as a deep conditioning treatment (For more info, see $3.00 vs. $11.00 Coconut Oil. P.S. Trader Joe's now sells 14 oz jars of pure coconut oil for $5.00!).

#4. Extra Lite Double Strength Super Gro by Bronner Bros.
I use this on my edges every day and night to lock in moisture. The vitamin E stimulates blood flow to the scalp, and sulphur has been used to treat scalp infections, which is why I used it to help nurse my bald, postpartum edges back to health (See Thick Hair, Thin Edges and TBYHC 2011 Edition Wrap Up for more info and before & after photos.).

#5. Hawaiian Silky Gel Activator


This curl activator gel was recommended to me by my wonderful subbies after I asked for suggestions in my Thanks Huffington Post & Curl Activator Gels video. I must say it was the best tip I've received from you guys thus far, for I love how this gel keeps my curls beautifully defined and moisturized. 

Unlike the Hawaiian Silky 14-in-1 Miracle Worker, I don't have to apply it daily in order to keep my curls in check. It's heavy enough to lock in moisture but light enough to where it doesn't way my hair down or cause it to be greasy. Love it! (To see what my hair looks like when styled with it, check out A Good Hair Day).

#6. Isoplus Styling Gel


I use this product to slick down my edges, and it's been my tried and true for a while. Unlike other gels, it doesn't cause my hair to get overly stiff or flaky. Love it! 

#7. Frizz-Ease Straight Fixation

This product is new to the list, and in case you missed the review I recently posted, you can check it out here. I've been using it on my hair and my sister's as a heat protectant, and we both agree that it does a great job of locking in moisture without weighing the hair down.

What are your favorite hair care products for 2012?


Miss. Leah said...

You are gonna make me buy that super gro!!

MagnificentReign said...

I tried the Isoplus 2-3 years ago based off of your videos and it's still my favorite gel by far for edges and flyaways! Have you ever used it for styling your curls? It's pretty thick so I never really thought to use it that way. Maybe one day I'll give it a try. Also, I really like Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle shampoo and conditioner. However, it looks like those products aggravate the eczema that I have on my palms. :( Of course that would happen with a product I actually like!

DPrincess28 said...

@MagnificentReign: I don't use Isoplus gel all over because it provides a slightly harder hold than I like. It's perfect for my edges though ;-)

Wanika Budlove said...

What type of store do you buy the EVCO from? And what qualities do you look for in the "good" EVCO?

Skittle Skat said...


Princess said...

Thanks for the tip on where to get coconut oil!! I haven't night any in months and I've been using olive oil instead. I just knew I could find a better price than what my local health food store wad offering. Thanks!