Thursday, April 18, 2013


Apothica Haul

I recently ordered a little sumthin' sumthin' from Apothica...

#1. TokyoMilk Parfum - Dead Sexy 

Ever since I walked into Victoria's Secret and was told that my favorite fragrance, Love Rocks, had been discontinued (I recently found it on Amazon, yay! ;-)), I've been looking for another heavenly scent to conjure up the sexiness that fragrance invokes. When I read how "seductive, exotic and alluring," this vanilla based scent is, I knew I had to try it! So far, I'm loving this light fragrance, although I'm not sure it has the seductive powers it claims. I'll have to let my husband catch a whiff and be the judge...

#2. Nail Polish Primer by Deborah Lippmann


This nail polish primer may just be the answer to every home-based manicurist's dreams, for it is said to "make all the difference between [one's] nail polish staying on or chipping off," according to one reviewer. It is a very thin primer, designed to dry quickly in order to provide the perfect foundation for polish. I'll have to let you know how well it performs after my next manicure.

#3. Angled Eyeliner Brush
The brush next to my gel liner.
The brush up close.
I have quite a few makeup brushes in my repertoire, but the one brush that's been missing from my collection is an angled eyeliner brush. Normally I use liquid liner, but one of my recent glam bags contained black gel liner by MICA Beauty cosmetics, so I need this little doohickey to help me experiment.

#4. Too Faced Smokey Eye Palette

I already own the Too Faced Natural Eye palette and love it, so I figured, why not give this one a go?

Colors up close.

As with the Natural Eye palette, this one comes with three double-sided tutorial cards:

I didn't find the cards in the  Natural Eye palette to be very helpful, as I achieved better looks with my own creations. However, I'm willing to give these a try. As usual, I'll fill you in later on how it goes.

Last but not least, I received these two sample products with my shipment:

Too Faced Shadow Insurance & M2 Skin Refinish cream
Now you know I know all about Too Faced Shadow Insurance, but this anti-wrinkle, skin perfecting moisturizer may be something worth checking out...

Well folks, that's it for this haul. Look out for some makeup looks using the items listed in this post.

**FTC: This haul was sponsored.

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