Wednesday, May 22, 2013


MAC Haul

As mentioned in my "NYX & Wet n' Wild Haul," I recently went on a makeup shopping spree in order to replace my expired makeup and update my collection. MAC was one of the stores on the list, and I decided to try a few new things along with the usual suspects...

#1. Blot Powder in dark. I love this stuff. Knocks the shine off every time.

#2. Dazzle Glass in Funtabulous. I first purchased this jazzy lip gloss as part of my Mini MAC Haul in 2011. I love how it looks when paired with lipstick. It adds amazing shine and moisture.

#3. Matte lipstick in Diva. 

Diva on lips

#4. Satin lipstick in Rebel.

Rebel on lips

More makeup looks to come... ;-)

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