Wednesday, January 14, 2009



-Wash hair once a week
-Conditioner wash & water rinse during the week as needed
-Trim ends every 4-8 weeks (As of 2009, I trim my ends once every 12 weeks)

For curly hair:

1. Apply Bronner Bros hair oil to towel-dried hair
2. Apply Worlds of Curls activator gel (As of April 2009, I use Luster's Pink ShortLooks Gel 'N) to scrunch curls into shape
3. Apply Isoplus styling gel to smooth out the edges

For straight hair:

1. Wash & deep condition hair
2. Apply Organic Root Stimulator (ORS) Olive Oil Lotion to towel dried hair (As of May 2009, I use One 'N Only Ceramic Silk Flat Iron Creme as a heat protectant).
3. Blow dry with comb attachment or air dry by pulling hair back into a bun
4. As of May 2009, I apply Megasilk Olive Heat Protection Spray to each section prior to flat ironing.
5. Flat iron one-inch sections at a time on 20 heat setting (Jilbere de Paris flat iron goes up to 25)

Note: For detailed information, see My New Str8 Hair Reggie.

**Deep condition hair 1-4 times a month (either sit under hooded dryer or in steam room for 15 minutes to allow product to penetrate)
***I flat iron hair once every 4-6 weeks.


Maree90 said...

how often do you do your protein treatments? and do you do them the same day as your deep conditioning?

DPrincess28 said...

Currently I do them after every heat application, because that's when I feel my hair needs it most. So basically once a month.