Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Valentine's Day Look/Makeover

Hey Divas,

It's your girl DPrincess28 coming at you with the finished look. I told y'all I was going to transform myself before the week was out! Normally, I don't post on the weekends, but I had to share my transformation with y'all and post a note for you on this special day ;).

Below is a special video I prepared for you guys that I posted on my YouTube channel. In addition, I've also posted some pics so you can see the finished look up close.

Happy Valentine's Day to all you lovers out there! Until next time...





bluebonnet67 said...

Wow! It turned out GREAT! Love the transformation! That dress is too cute! Where did you get it? Hope you had a wonderful V-day!

DPrincess28 said...

Thanks miss! I don't remember where I got the dress. I think it was from this store called Love Culture. It's a store that has some bomb dresses and really cute clothes...kind of like Forever 21, LVLX, and Wet seal.

Precious-Olivia said...

Woah, you look amazing. Nice, makeover.. I need to do a little one for myself.

You sure must feel great!


DPrincess28 said...

Thank u Olivia!!!!

Heat Styled Natural said...

Gorgeous, I luv it!

DPrincess28 said...

Thank u hun!