Friday, March 20, 2009


Clip-in Hair Extensions

Although I absolutely love my real hair, there are times when I like to play with extensions. They're a great way to add volume, length, or just experiment with color without sacrificing the health of your hair, or making a major commitment.

Below is a video tutorial on the hair extensions I used to complete my makeover/Valentine's Day Look for 2009. I hope you like it ;).

Pics of the finished look:


lakitiamarie said...

OMG! I'm so glad you posted this video. I didn't realize your extensions were clip on. I was at the beauty store last night and just tried on wigs for fun. I wasn't quite comfortable with buying one so I didn't. I also looked at their weaves that are precut as a protective style for the summer. Here in Houston the summers are very hot and humid which means I have to fight with my hair. Now since I've started my journey I didn't want any glue in my head or a sew in. My hair likes being cleaned every 4 to 5 days. After seeing your video I plan to visit the site for the extensions and just wear my hair curly. BTW...I got a pony tail instead which I was inspired by Sasha Fierce aka Beyonce, LOL! I updated my profile with the picture. Check it out! Anyway...hope you have a GREAT weekend, the weather is perfect here in Houston and I plan to enjoy it!

DPrincess28 said...

Girl, I didn't even recognize you! I like it! I love the bump in the front ;). Yeah, I hear you on the glue-in weave. I don't even see how anyone can do that, and yet some people are telling me clip-in hair is bad! To each his own is what I always say. You have a great weekend too! XOXO

HazelEyedQT said...

i have a quick question... i love the idea of the clip in.. are they available at just about every hair store or only online? and what was the name of yours Thanks in advance

DPrincess28 said...

I purchased mine online from the They are Pro-10 hair extensions--the same one's R&B singer Brandy advertises. You can also make your own, which is something I'm considering since I want to play with more colors. All you have to do is buy the human hair and the clips, then use weave thread to sew the clips onto the weft. This way you can also have the weft custom fitted to your head.

Twinkie said...

Hi there. I was wondering.... did you sew the clips to the Pro10 weave? I ask because I can't find them on the net anywhere.