Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Things I Love

A few months ago, I made a "5 Things I Hate" video and posted it on YouTube. I had been tagged to do the video by one of my subscribers (Lovennappiness) . The video focused on 5 hair-related things that I highly despise (Okay, so I cheated a little bit and squeezed 6 things in there). Today I am dedicating this blog post to my diva Honeybee98 who requested that I do a video on the things that I love about hair or just anything in general.

Since there are far too many things to list, I decided to do a blog post instead of a video because I'm sure I would ramble longer than the 10 minutes I'm allowed on YouTube. The following is a list of the many things I love in no particular order. It's a very broad list, but it will tell you a lot about my personality. So, without further ado, here are some of the many things I love:

#1. ORS Olive Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion: I love it because it keeps my tresses well moisturized and my straight styles in check.

#2. Lipgloss: I hate dry lips, so I keep a number of these flavored lip glosses in random places in my house (i.e. in my kitchen, on my nightstand, on the bookshelf, etc.). Relief is never far away when I feel some dryness coming on, LOL!

#3. Three inch heels: I'm only 5'3 (Really 5'2 ¾"), so I like the boost heels give me. They really "stretch" out my body and make me look slimmer.

#4. Mohawks: I've never had one, but I love them on men and women. It's a cool hairstyle that screams confidence, which is why I love them!

#5. Haribo Gummy Bears: I'm a candy connoisseur, so believe me when I say that these are the best gummy bears around!

#6. Sour Candy: I love anything sour, and sour candy is the perfect blend of sweet and sour.

#7. PZI Jeans: These jeans were made for African American women who tend to have a little junk in their trunk. The company is black owned and is based in Atlanta. I purchased a pair on their website (www.pzijeans.com). They're really expensive, which is why I've only bought one pair thus far, but I absolutely LOVE how they fit. Like many African American women, my waist is much smaller than my hips. Thus, the problem in finding jeans have always been that they either fit at the waist and are super tight on the thighs and hips, or they're loose on the waist and fit everywhere else. Yet, these jeans were made with the curvy woman in mind, so they hug each curve beautifully. AND, the sizes are adjusted to account for the typical black woman's shape, so whereas I can be a 10 or 13 in other brands, I'm only a size 4 in PZI's. How's that for a confidence boost?

When this recession lets up, I'm definitely buying more!

#8. Being Natural: Because it gives me the ability to go from curly to straight in a matter of hours.

#9. Mascara: Sky High Curves by Maybelline is a great one. It gives me lush, long lashes to rival falsies.

#10. Banded Dresses: I bought one of these at Bebe, and they are great at accentuating the hourglass figure while concealing any flaws (like a bulging belly).

#11. My Isoplus Gel: I love how this slicks down my edges without flaking up.

#12. Wolverine: Hugh Jackaman as Wolverine is SOOOO SEXY to me! I think it's the whole animalistic vibe that turns me on. I can't wait for the next X-Men movie to come out in May!

#13. Live by J. Lo: This is my favorite fragrance. It is so flirty, and I get a ton of compliments whenever I wear it.

#14. Reality Television: I absolutely LOVE reality t.v.! My favorite is the Real Housewives series. The Atlanta season was my favorite. I can't wait to see the New Jersey housewives. I saw the preview a few nights ago, and those ladies look like they're off the chain!

#15. Baseball Caps: They are a lifesaver when you're having a bad hair day!

#16. Writing: It's my passion and my favorite mode of communication. It enables me to express my thoughts and feelings in a way that I can't otherwise.

And although I said this list wasn't in any particular order, the one thing I love most is:

Jesus! I love Him because His father gave me life, and He gave me a new one by dying on the cross.

Stay blessed.



Soultrii said...

I love this list! And I especially love the last one- Jesus is my rock! =)

DPrincess28 said...

Thanks hun!

Anonymous said...

girl when does new jersey housewives start?! i am a reality tv junkie too girl hahaha i love college hill, the real world, and housewives

DPrincess28 said...

Anonymous, I watch all those shows too! I don't know when the New Jersey season starts, but I'm thinking soon since they already showed the preview. I'm still waiting for season 2 of Atlanta!

lakitiamarie said...

Your last but definitely not least favorite is my favorite too. I don't know where I will be right now if I didn't have Him in my life. I love action movies and also can not wait to see the new Wolverine movie in May!

bluebonnet67 said...

I love your list quite a few on here are things that I like also, Jesus being the #1! You definitely turned me on to the ORS Olive oil Moisturizer, I think will will be come a staple in my hair arsenal!

lakitiamarie said...

Hey DPrincess,

In one of your previous blogs you mentioned that a couple of days during the week you don't eat meat. So I was wondering if you can share with us Divas some of your meatless meals that you love. I need to incorporate more veggies in my diet as well. Hope you had a wonderful Easter and can't wait for the next blog!

Honeybee98 said...


OMG!!! Thank-you for being a woman of your word...the divas ask questions and you answer them. We have so much in common. Of course, our only wise Savior,Jesus Christ!! But I LUV Gummy Bears and they better only be Haribo Brand, no imitations Lol!!Will have 2 check out jeans, luv3 inch heels, and soon I can say being luv being natural too.Hope ATL Housewives starts soon. Neecee was a trip!! Thanx so much for your post, you have a sweet, fun-loving personality.

DPrincess28 said...

That's so cool Honeybee98! Thanks girl :). XOXO

Shae-Rahnee said...

Love the blog!... almost as much as I love my PZI's. They are a magnificent creation.
Anyways, do you happen to have a fotki page? I'd love to see more hairstyles from you!

Anonymous said...

yes please! what's your Fotki?