Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hair Type Vs. Hair Texture

I was perusing the Long Hair Don't Care blog the other day, and found an interesting post made by a young lady who happened to be the long hair feature of the month. When asked what she considered to be her hair type, the model responded: "In terms of curly type, 3a/b/c. Although, I don't think that system accounts for texture." When I read that, I thought, "Ah ha! That's what I've been trying to say all along!"

So many people have asked me what my hair type is, and I hate answering that question, because I don't think it adequately characterizes what my hair looks or feels like. I see a lot of curly haired ladies whose texture appears to be different than mine. Furthermore, I've mentioned several times how I have different textures on my own head!

I'm so glad to see that someone has finally put into clear terms what I've been trying to say all along, which is that although the hair type system gives us a general idea of the shape of one's hair (i.e. curl/kink pattern), it still doesn't account for the texture or feel of one's hair.

Finally, someone sees things my way!



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Long Hair Don't Care said...

that really makes a lot of many other factors contribute to the actual TEXTURE of our hair - the density of an individual strand, whether or not our hair is thick or thin, and how porus our hair is - are just a few things that vary from one 4a to another 4a hair TYPE and can actually make the TEXTURE very different...great post :0)