Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Celebrity Hair

Electrik Red Hot!

When I first saw the video for "So Good" by Electrk Red, I absolutely fell in love with this chick's curls! Her name is Naomi (second from the left), and she and her all-girl group are featured in the June/July issue of Sophisticate's Black Hair Style & Care Guide. I hit up the group's Myspace page and learned that this Canadian beauty is the product of British Canadian and Jamaican parents. Below are some quotes from her portion of the interview in which she describes her hair care and makeup regimen.

SBH: Can you tell us about your hairstyles?
Naomi: I have really curly hair and I wear it naturally quite big and curly! Sometimes it's in a ponytail, but for the most part, it's big and curly. Right now I have some bangs and it kind of shags to the front and does a layering thing.

SBH: What's a typical day of styling like for you?
Naomi: Usually I'll use a leave-in conditioner or a little mousse because it holds curls nicely. I never liked the hard curl look, but I don't like the frizzy look so I seem to manage something in between.

SBH: How do you take care of your natural hair?
Naomi: In the past, I've tried to do my own concoction of a cholesterol base [conditioner]. I'll throw in extra virgin olive oil, eggs and even some avocado! It looks really crazy and it smells nuts, but it makes my hair really shiny, pretty and happy.

SBH: What's your one must-have makeup item?
Naomi: I really like bronzer by Stila. It has a really nice glowy effect to it so when you put it on, it's really natural looking. You just look like your cheeks are illuminated.

Now, I'm feeling homegirl on the bronzer, 'cause you ladies know that I love my gold shimmery bronzer by Icing. It really does do a great job of brightening up your face and giving you a nice sun-kissed look.

So, that's it for Miss Naomi's hair and makeup look. I'll leave you ladies with the music video featuring her and her group mates. This song was on the 106 & Park countdown for weeks, and I'm so loving it!

I apologize that the quality isn't that great. I wasn't allowed to embed the higher quality version, but you get the point :-).

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Avillacorta said...

You are on top of the hair mags and interviews. Thx, I think I may try that recipe Naomi uses.