Thursday, July 16, 2009


Green Dress

Last week I sported this green dress to a networking/social mixer. I bought it at Ross last year for around $15.00. Yes, you know your girl loves to shop on a budget, LOL! Normally, I hate shopping at Ross, because their stores are almost always in disarray. You have to dang near crawl around on the floor in order to find something decent. Yet, there are a few times when I get lucky and immediately spy something the moment I walk in.

This green dress was the inspiration for my green & purple eye shadow tutorial. I wore these shoes with the dress:
I got these on sale at Bandolino. They're wedge heels, and although you know I love me some stilettos, these shoes are great for dancing!

I love how these shoes make me look so much taller than I actually am. In this pic of me standing next to my friend, you'd think I was much taller than her, but I'm only 5'3", and she's not that much shorter than me, LOL!


smartlilbunny7 said...

Wow, what a cute outfit!! I completely agree with you about Ross. I went in there the other day and I was so tired after looking through those clearance racks. I managed to get some great deals, though! :)

Lady B.E.N.I said...

I love your style. You're just one of them people who are just blessed from looks, personality, and style! A girl with all of that is more than a diva!

Lol just thought id add in my two cents. I think 5 ft 3 suits you though, petite is BEAUTY :)

DPrincess28 said...

Thanks ladies! And thank u Lady B.E.N.I for the wonderful compliment! XOXO

bluebonnet67 said...

I love the whole look! Someone needs to do a Bargain shopping 101 class! LOL! I can never go into Ross and find cute things like that dress! That is a very pretty color on you also!