Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"I like a long-haired thick redbone…"

Hey divas,

I was listening to the intro to Lil' Wayne & Drake's song on the radio the other day, and this line, which happens to be the first line of the song, stuck out to me: "I like a long-haired thick redbone." I guess the reason why I'm more focused on that line now than I was before is because I stumbled upon this on mediatakeout's website: Atlanta Promoters Throw the First Annual Dark Skin vs. Redbone Affair.

It's 2009, and I find it appalling that we are still stuck on light skin vs. dark skin. On top of that, I personally never understood the correlation between skin tone and hair length. I get that people of mixed heritage tend to be lighter skinned and have long hair thanks to the natural oil production that we African Americans lack. However, if you look at our African roots, you'll see that we come in a variety of shades, and our hair a variety of textures and lengths -- and that's within the black race. True, there are some dark skinned ladies with short hair, but guess what? There are also a lot of light skinned ladies with short, kinky hair.

I think long hair is attainable regardless of skin tone. It all just depends on how well you care for your hair. It's funny to hear rappers still place light skin and long hair on a pedestal, because a lot of the ladies featured in their videos sport weaves and or hair extensions, when they could be getting a beautiful dark skinned sistah with REAL long hair. How about booking Kenya Moore, Maia Campbell, Tatyana Ali, or Keshia Knight Pulliam (These are just a few examples, but the list can go on and on) for your next video shoot?

I just wish we would get off this "Dark skinned ladies can't have long hair," or "Black women can't have long hair," issue. One of the biggest reasons why I started doing videos on YouTube was to encourage and inspire women to take better care of their hair so that they can achieve the length they desire. Hair length has much more to do with conditioning, moisturizing, and maintenance, and less to do with complexion.

Stay educated.




Anonymous said...

Hi, I am a very light skinned woman with not so long hair. I am too tired of this. It's too bad in 2009 we are still separated. I find it offensive that when I am out in public some jerk will whisper to me "psst, redbone." I mean what kind of response would you give, but to look at him and roll your eyes. And the animosity by our darker sisters towards us, probably scarred from a previous situation in her life regarding skin tone. I have never considered myself prettier because of my complexion. In fact, I have always wanted to be darker to fit in more. And as far as these videos, it is a shame that they have not changed in all of these years. Those videos are mostly produced by White men who are going to put out a product that they think will see. Just like having white women with blonde hair in a porn movie. It's all geared to men. It's too bad that these musicians won't only think about the money they will make and stand up and say. "Yo man, there are plenty of beautiful dark skin ladies out there." Oh and lets not talk about the skimpy clothing while on the other hand the men have on baggy jeans and Tim Boots. (That's a different argument, I guess).

princessvalecia said...

It's sad but the most division amongst our people is caused by our people. This may continue..sadly forever

Freckles78 said...

Hello. I agree. The way we catogorize ourselves is so sad esp in 2009. Check out my blog freckles1978.blogspot.com

We share similar interests!

humblebeauty29 said...

Thank you so much for this post DPrincess. Even today so many people are so closed minded. I have been asked throughout my entire life, "Are you mixed? What are you mixed with?" Just because of my lighter skin tone and long hair, people have assumed that I am biracial, when in reality both of my parents are African-American, BLACK. Your statement is so true, in our African roots we do come in a variety of shades and a variety of textures and lengths. I just find it amazing how so many people assume that a person with long hair or with light skin tone MUST be biracial. Black is so beautiful and so very diverse. Closed minded people cannot see that.

Kay said...

Amen D, my mom who was very light skinned sported a short curly fro most my life on special occasions, she wore a wig (not a long one either). I am brown skinned and had long hair most my life growing up. It is a shame that we ae still dealing with the whole light skinned vs dark skinned and "good hair & bad hair". People really need to get educated and wake up!

Anonymous said...

thank you princess! i agree 100%

Stefanie said...

I have a post about this exact same song lol. I had no clue that Atlanta had a Light skin vs. dark skin affair. I live in Atlanta and am angered by that. I wonder who showed up to that foolishness and ignorance. Ridiculous.