Thursday, July 9, 2009

Public Enemies

Hey Divas,

Last week I mentioned that I was going to see the movie Public Enemies starring Johnny Depp. The movie turned out to be pretty good. I love gangster movies because they're action packed, but on top of that, they intrigue me because they always seem to blur the line between good and evil. It's strange, but I often find myself feeling sorry for the "bad guy," and at times, I'm rooting for him to win. I guess it's because the truth of the matter is we're neither good nor evil, but both. It really just depends on the choices we make, or whatever the heck it is we're doing at any given time. True, some of us are a little nicer than others, and some meaner, but in the end, it's the sum of our choices that determine what side we're really on.

Oh, and if my mention of movies ever seems totally random to you, I think you should know that I used to write movie reviews and previews for a local newsmagazine. In addition, my sister and I used to work at the movie theater growing up, so we watched free movies all the time. Today, my husband and I share a love for movies, so our date nights usually consist of dinner and a movie, or takeout and Netflix. It really is embarrassing the number of films I've watched over the course of my life. Sometimes I wonder how I found the time to accomplish anything given the amount of time I've spent watching movies!

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bluebonnet67 said...

Thanks for the review I will be seeing this this weekend. You and your bubby are not by yourselves, I love watching movies,this is what I do do with my weekend as I am a member of blockbuster online.