Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Which Palette Should I Get?

Hey Divas,

I was rummaging through my train case the other day and realized that I really need to step my makeup game up. I still don't have Mac money, so I'm searching for palettes that are affordably priced. Don't get me wrong, Mac is my go-to makeup spot for face powder and blush, but as far as spending $14.50 on one eye shadow, not so much. Now, I have bought single eye shadows that were around $10.00 or more. For instance, my Douse Me With Diamonds purple eye shadow by Victoria's Secret cost around $10.00, and my Urb by Urban Decay cost $16.00. The thing is, the color has to really be poppin' for me to want to spend that amount of money for a single shade.

I've seen so many YouTube videos in which ladies talk about eye shadow palettes by Coastal Scents and Manly. Both can be purchased on Ebay for around $20.00 or less, and the Coastal Scents palettes can be purchased from the Coastal Scents website. I'm seriously considering getting one because I'm ready to graduate from some of my L.A. Colors palettes. Yet, I'm not sure if they're really worth purchasing. These are some of the palettes I have my eye on:

The 88 Piece Makeup Palette by Coastal Scents

The 120 Manly Palette
Do any of you ladies have these palettes? If so, which one would you recommend that I get, if any? So far, this is the only video I've been able to find in which the palettes are thoroughly reviewed and compared:

I'm so happy I found this review because now I know not to get the shimmer palette if I do end up purchasing from Coastal Scents. Some of the other palettes I have my eye on from Coastal Scents are:

The 56 Piece Blush & Eye Shadow Palette
I'm drawn to this one because it has a good amount of eye shadow and blush.

The 28 Piece Neutral Eye Shadow Palette
This palette looks like it would be great for everyday looks.

The Contour & Blush Palette
I want to learn how to create awesome cheek bones, and this palette seems to have what I need to do so.

If any of you ladies are familiar with any of these palettes, please let me know what you think of them. I'm trying to decide if I should invest in a large eye shadow palette such as the ones featured here, or simply purchase single shadows or trios from brands such as NYX and Urban Decay until I get all the shades that I want. What do you think?? Help!




quynnief.baybee said...

I have the coastal scents shimmer and neutral palettes. They are okay. I honestly do not even use then that much. I was going to get the matte palette from Coastal but with the shipping and handling its not worth it. Ebay has better deals on the same palettes (except it won't say Coastal Scents) for cheaper and you get free gifts with some. And some have free shipping. The only problem is they come from Hong Kong but I check most of the sellers feedback and they have fast shipping. So I would suggest Ebay just type in 120 palette

...ALLmEYEne... said...

I have the 120 Color Palette. I must admit that it can be very frustrating to use. The shadow quality is pretty medicore IMO. I've seen people pull of the most amazing looks...me on the other hand its hit or miss.

I would not recommend the 120 palette to beginners. A person can be inundated with colors leading to questions on how to pair the shadows, blending, etc.

On the other hand, I am very interested in trying the 28 neutral palette and the blush palette. I believe there's also an 88 neutral palette floating around somewhere too.

Good luck w/ your selection.

klb said...

hey girl. have you tried L'Oreal HIP pigments? some say they are comparable to MAC. You can get them from any drug store and in fact, walgreens is having a buy one get one sale right now.

only thing is that they don't come in palettes; only 2 colors per set. try doing a youtube or google search. hth!

lakitiamarie said...

I have one of the Coastal Scents palettes. I believe it's the 120 palette with the blush and eye shadow. I can't remember the number. I bought the palette from the website for about $21 and the shipping was pretty fast. I like the palette but I have yet to go through all the colors. My only hiccup is the colors are not as vibrant as MAC or even HIP in my opinion. You MUST use an eye shadow primer with coastal scents, where as, with MAC I went years without wearing a primer. I just learned about primer about a year ago and started to use it. If you want to buy it I say go for it because you get so many colors for the price.

Mrs. Foster said...

I purchased the Contour and Blush palette for the purpose of learning how to contour and such. If your lighter than NW45, it may work for you. My skin color in MAC is NW45 and the contouring color only blended with my skin. I also have the Manly 120 palette. I love this palette dearly, I don't buy eyeshadows anymore (unless the color is hot). The only thing I find is that I pretty much have to use a primer every time I use it or the color won't stick. I hope that helps :-)

SarahPaulina said...

I would personally buy a larger palette instead of purchasing a nyx or urban decay palette, soley because of the array of colours and makeup looks you could do with a larger palette. I personally haven't tried either coastal scents or manly palette, however, i've heard many great things about both. If i were you, i wouldn't purchase the Coastal scents 56 Piece Blush & Eye Shadow Palette only because the colours seems boring. i don't feel like they 'pop' enough. But when you do make a decision, pick one you know will last a long time and that's highly pigmented

Anonymous said...

Hello Diva!

Well, to be honest I own the 120 Manly palette IN ADDITION to duos, quads and single colors (in softer, neutral/natural shades). I keep them because the 120 palette can be a little TOO bold for work. I would suggest keeping your neutral singes and trios for more natural looks, and get one of the palettes for more color variety. (Although, I've had BETTER success with natural eye looks using the 88 palette--it has a larger range of browns than the 120.)

Hope this helps. =)

bluebonnet67 said...

I would like to see the review from the divas also. I am just beginning to wear makeup and eyeshadows at 35 so one of those palettes would be great!

DPrincess28 said...

Thank you so much ladies for all the feedback. I will definitely let you know what I decide. XOXO

Anonymous said...

Hey dprincess28,

I actually just brought the 120 palette off of ebay for 15 dollars. So I'm still waiting on the arrival of my product, which I'm super excited to try out! Nonetheless, if your going to buy one of these palettes, I strongly suggest you use Ebay. Not only is it cheaper (sometimes free shipping :D ), but it's also kinda fun to win too.

Good luck hun,

Avillacorta said...

I was going to suggest using L'Oreal Hip colors. They have great colors. Thanks to all the ladies that left comments, I know I buy palettes from Ulta and I'm not happy with all of the colors. I don't think Shimmer looks good on my skin, so thanks ladies for letting me know that they do come in matte as well. LOL I'm not that up to date on makeup so Thx for all your tips. I'm getting there though.