Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Hair Update

So, I was really trying to not straighten my hair at all during the "Take Back Your Hair" Challenge, but I attended a special event for which I wanted to wear my hair down and loose. Now, I asked you ladies if you would consider it cheating if I were to dye my bangs (See Check In & A Question for the full post), and most of you said no. In addition, some of you expressed that if I did color my bangs, then I should consider that as cashing in on one of my heat passes. Well, because I did want to wear my hair straight, and will probably straighten it again for an event I have coming up next month, I've decided to hold off on coloring my hair until after the challenge.

Last Thursday I shampooed my hair with my One N' Only Ceramic Silk Shampoo, then did a protein deep conditioning treatment with Aphogee's 2 Minute Reconstructor treatment. I allowed my hair to air dry over night with a heat protectant (For details see How I Air Dry My Hair Prior to Straightening), then flat ironed it with my GVP Generic Chi the following day. This is what my hair looked like prior to washing it:

Hair pre-shampoo and styled with Hawaiian Silky 14-in-1 Miracle Worker

And this is what my hair looked like after straightening it:

Back shot

Side Shot

I know we're only one month into the challenge, but I can already see a major improvement in the health of my hair. My hair looks and feels much fuller and healthier. This challenge has forced me to stick with a regimen that includes regular deep conditioning treatments. Since I stopped straightening my hair once a week in '09, I didn't feel the need to deep condition as much, as I always saw it as a necessary measure to prep my hair for heat. Yet, I now see that regular deep conditioning treatments really do keep the hair strong and healthy regardless of how it's styled.

My ends look just as clean and crisp as they did when I trimmed them last month. I therefore don't intend to trim them again until the challenge is over in December. Staying on top of this new regimen (little to no heat and lots of deep conditioning) will further assist in keeping my ends clean throughout the challenge.

Hope you ladies are doing well :-). I can't wait to hear how things are going for you!




Laquita said...

Good to read/see your challenge is going great so far. Your hair looks wonderful :o)

Ms. Harmony said...

Hey Girl! Your hair is looking fierce! You have more will power than me because I would have had a hard time straightening those beautiful curls!! Keep up the good work.

ColdDiva said...

I can definitely see a difference in your hair!...It appears so much more fuller and thicker and healthier...Though I never formally submitted my entry I have been going heat free since Sept 17th...And I did a BC or maybe a MC (mid-chop) on my hair on the 18th. I am happy on being now 80 % natural and the curls in the back are soooo cute!

Now I have a quick question for ya....I have been trying to figure out is there something that really exists such as 'scab hair'. The reason I ask is because the hair in the very very front bang area to the temple area is where it is super dry, wirey, frizzy, unresponsive to most moisturizers, and really will not curl it looks absolutely nothing like the rest of my hair. Now I am officially over a year in transitioning and I literally count on one hand how many times I have used heat in the year of 2009 so it can't be heat damaged. So what is your opinion. Do you think that this hair is just my real new hair texture or will it change eventually..any products you suggest?

I hope to hear from you DPrincess or any of you Ladies!

bluebonnet67 said...

You are making great progress! Your hair looks very healthy!

d said...

@DPrincess28; great looks! I love the difference in fullness and volume in your hair. @ColdDiva; I had the same issue with my daughters hair. I live in TX and the water damaged my daughter's hair. I recently purchased a product called No-poo from DivaCurl to wash my daughters' hair and mine. I must say that in three months that I have been using it, I see a big difference on all of our hair. You can purchase DivaCurl No-poo at Ulta or online @ Urbanbella.com The good thing about this product is that it doesn't strip your hair and moisturizes your hair at the same time that it cleans it. I hope that helps.

DPrincess28 said...

Thank you ladies for all your comments!!

Cold diva, although I believe you can have multiple textures on one head, I'm not sure if what you're experiencing is in fact something else. I'll have to do some research on scab hair and get back to you...

K.D. said...

Girl your hair is luscious and beautiful! Love it! Whatever you're doing keep it up!