Monday, March 7, 2011


TBYHC 2011: DPrincess28's Hair Care Log

Hey divas! I figured I'd share with you what I've done thus far in order to kick off this fabulous challenge, which, by the way, I'm so thrilled that many of you have decided to join me on. Okay, so...let's get started!

I flat ironed my hair on Friday, February 25, and rocked the straight look for a week:

FYI, I haven't trimmed my hair since I cut it in December (for details, see Hair Cut 12.10.10), and don't plan on doing so until this challenge wraps in June.

On Thursday, March 3rd, I saturated my hair with EVOO as I was preparing for bed:

Once I got my hair nice and oily, I then put it up in a loose ponytail and tied a plastic grocery bag around my head (I ran out of processing caps, so this was the next best thing!):

I placed my satin bonnet on top and went to bed:

The next morning, I woke up (thank God!) and shampooed my hair with a sulfate-free cleanser. Afterwards, I applied Aphogee's 2 Minute Reconstructor treatment to my hair, because I haven't done a protein treatment in a while. This challenge calls for two deep conditioning treatments each month, and I believe that protein should be used following heat styling, as it can serve to strengthen the hair. Plus, I already did a moisturizing deep conditioning treatment prior to heat styling, so I needed some protein to balance things out.

Instead of simply applying the deep conditioner while I was in the shower, I instead waited until after I exited the shower to apply it. I combed the conditioner through from root to tip with my wide-toothed shower comb:

This was done on slightly towel dried hair because the hair can absorb more of the conditioner when it's not already saturated with water. Next up is a pic of what my hair looked like after I saturated it with the conditoner. I applied it to the hair in sections, which is why you see that funky part going down the middle:

After sitting under my hooded dryer for ten minutes on medium heat, I rinsed the condish out with cold water. Afterwards, I applied some sulfate-free moisturizing conditioner, and rinsed it out immediately. Here I am with squeaky clean, deep conditioned locks:


After my hair was clean, it was ready to be styled, so I decided to apply some of the Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding I recently purchased and featured in my latest Product Haul. This is what my natural curls looked like after my hair was completely air dried with the product:

As you can see, my curls were a little frizzy, but hey, they always look better in subsequent days. To refresh my curls on day two, I simply spritzed my hair with H2O and added some of the pure Coconut Oil that was also featured in my latest Product Haul, and went on about my bizness. By day three, I felt that my curls needed a little boost, so I allowed my hair to get wet in the shower, and further spritzed my curls with H2O upon exiting the shower. Afterwards, I applied more of the Curly Pudding (I didn't apply nearly as much as I had on the first day. In fact, I didn't even part through my hair like I did on day one, and simply used my fingers to scrunch and pull on parts that I felt needed more definition). Here's what my hair ended up looking like once dry on day 3:

I love how elongated my curls are! I will continue to rock my natural curls for the rest of this week, and then come wash day, I plan to try out a different heat-free style, such as a braidout or twists. I'm not yet sure what I'm gonna do, but I'll definitely keep y'all posted.

What have you ladies done to kick off this challenge?




princessvalecia said...

your hair is gorgeous!!!

Ms. Harmony said...

Well last week I rocked flat twists and a bun. As a treat, this weekend I rocked a curly fro. This week I'm sporting a bun because I was too lazy to flat twist my hair yesterday. BTW...your curls look fierce!

Augusta7 said...

Hey girl so I started on the 1st and I did a protiene treatment since its been about 3 months. I also have been moisturizing, sealing & wrapping at night. I plan to do a deep condition this coming saturday with probably a twistout!

DPrincess28 said...

@Princessvalecia: Thanks!

@MsHarmony: That's great! Love your hair in the profile pic by the way :-).

@Augusta7: That's great! You're on your way to fabulous hair! Can't wait to hear about (and possibly see) your results.

CaLiDiVa00 said...

For my kick off I washed and deep conditioned my hair with Aubrey Organics Swimmers Normalizing Shampoo and Conditioner. I love both of these products, they are good at normalizing the PH and since I work out a lot that means I sweat a lot and I need that. Then I did my normal two strand twist w/ co co oil and a leave in hair butter. I left it twisted for four days, and then I untwisted and wore it in a pony puff. I need to upload some more current pixs!

Miss Trini said...

First off, I want to say that July of this year will be three years that I have been natural, and part of the reason is due to being inspired by your tutorials with your natural hair. I am glad this challenge has come up because I was thinking about getting a relaxer called PhytoSpecific Phytorelaxer (at Sephora) because my curls are a mixture of tight, loose, and spongy. I actually like the damaged curls because they are loose. I was thinking about getting this relaxer so that my natural curls can achieve the beach wavy look for the summer....The relaxer I am referring to claims that it is hydroxide free and made with egg and soy, and I am interested only because I want to loosen my curl pattern. I usually wear my hair in a curly ponytail or in a ball, but I would like to wear it out one day without having an afro or having to twist it up at night. During this challenge, I should perhaps experiment with products that will tame my curls while wearing my hair loose since I am not sure if I want to put a chemical on 2 1/2 years of hard work! It looks nice in a ponytail (using Shea moisturizing leave in conditioner from Target), but it looks a mess when I wear it out. I know you are very busy, but could you check that relaxer out on Sephora's website, and tell me what you think? One last thing, I am using a protein shake from GNC (Total Lean), and not only is am I loosing weight with it, but my hair is healthier and growing faster!

nunaberry said...

I'm only 4 months in in being natural and so far I'm loving it. Not sure about products at this tune but I will b doing 6 weeks of aphogee 2 step protein treatment then deep conditions monthly. I'm enjoying my natural hair. If your wondering no I have not did the Big Chop.......