Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cold vs. Expeller Pressed

Good afternoon divas,

I wanted to take a moment to address a question that was left in the comment section of my post, $3.00 vs. $11.00 Coconut Oil. A subbie by the name of Chidalu asked:

"I have a cold pressed coconut oil jar from Nature's way and it's organic but it was only like $5.00. Is cold and expeller pressed the same thing?"

I thought everyone could benefit from the answer, so here it goes:

Yes, "cold pressed" and "expeller pressed" are the same in that they are chemical-free methods used to extract the oil from the coconuts.

Now, I must say that I don't doubt that you can find a good, quality oil for less than $11.00. When I discuss pricing, I'm simply using general terms, as everyone's shopping experience, which is largely determined by location, is different. However, I believe that one should be able to tell whether they have received a good quality oil or not based on its appearance, smell, and performance.

I hope this answered your question. Happy hair growing!



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