Friday, October 14, 2011

Skin Care

Exfoliate for Clearer Skin

Earlier this year I shared the details of my skin care regimen. However, the one thing I forgot to mention in that post is exfoliation. Exfoliation is key to achieving and maintaining a clear complexion, particularly in the fall and winter months. It is imperative that one exfoliate to remove the top layer of dead skin cells so that the fresh skin cells underneath can shine through. Plus, sloughing off those dead skin cells makes it easier for moisturizer to seep into the skin, resulting in a more supple appearance at a time when many suffer from dry, flaky skin.

Exfoliation, or rather the removal of dead skin cells, is a process that can be done using a number of formulated scrubs, such as the Up & Up (Target) brand facial scrub you see pictured below at right. For those DIY'ers who like to go the more natural route, a good scrub can be made at home by simply combining a few common food and or household items such as ground coffee beans, oatmeal, or brown sugar with honey and a few natural oils. Whichever concoction you wish to use, just keep in mind a few things:

  1. Exfoliation is best reserved for the fall/winter months because exfoliating in the summer can leave the skin more vulnerable to sun damage.
  2. When exfoliating, be sure to not use anything that is too abrasive, especially when dealing with the face, so as to not harm the delicate skin around the eyes and lips.
  3. Facial exfoliation should not be done often, as it can irritate and dry out the skin.
  4. The face and body can benefit from daily exfoliation if gently done using a face cloth, body brush or sponge.

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