Thursday, April 26, 2012


Lose 10 Pounds in 10 Days: The Jackie Warner Method

Getting my body back post baby definitely took some work, and although I am happy with how I look, I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to lose more weight. Dropping another 10 pounds would be ideal, especially with summer right around the corner. Gym memberships are up and folks are scrambling to get bikini ready, so trainers like Jackie Warner are offering tips and solutions to help those struggling with their weight shed those pesky pounds.

The following video highlights some of Jackie's philosophy on how to lose weight quickly. Although I think losing 10 pounds in 10 days is a bit extreme (I think 10 pounds in a month is a little more reasonable), I do agree with some of her ideas, like not starving yourself. Check it out:

For more info about her plan, see 10 Pounds in 10 Days.

Although I think getting weight loss advice from others is helpful, it's definitely important to follow a diet and exercise plan that best fits your needs and lifestyle. I've definitely been on the weight loss/gain roller coaster enough times to know what works for me, and what doesn't. Below are just a few of the lessons I've learned in my battle with the bulge:
  • Staying hydrated is a must. Thirst can give you a false sense of hunger, and filling up on water can prevent overeating.
  • Staying well rested is just as if not more important than exercise. I touched on this in my Shorty's Baby Phat: Weight Loss Update video, for I have found that my cravings intensify when I am sleep deprived. There are times now when I'll just have a cup of tea (this is me and the hubby's nightly ritual) and call it a night instead of having tea and a snack before bed.
  • Too much exercise is not good for me. I know some of you are like "What?!" for we've all been taught that exercising daily is an important part of keeping the body fit. Yet, I have found that when I workout daily or as much as 6 days/week, my hunger intensifies and it therefore becomes more difficult for me to stay at a lower weight. I have found that getting a quality workout 3-4 days helps keep the pounds at bay. This is however tough for me because I do enjoy working out, and could very well do it daily if time allowed. Yet, going back to my point about sleep, exercising daily is not good for me especially if I am not well rested, so I've found that my body needs a good balance of exercise and rest to stay in shape.
  • A healthy breakfast sets the tone for the rest of the day. I mentioned this in my Breakfast of Champions post, and still find that I function a lot better and make better food choices throughout the day when I have a healthy breakfast.
  • Weight/resistance training helps keep the body toned and the metabolism running. No matter how much cardio I do, I don't feel quite as fit as I do when I also incorporate some form of strength training into my exercise routine. Studies have shown that doing a few reps just a couple of times a week makes a big difference (see Pump it Up! for more details). Doing leg curls at the gym has dramatically reduced the amount of cellulite on the back of my thighs, so that is the one machine I always hit when I'm at the gym (which is really only once a week. All my other exercise is done at home or outdoors.)
  • Sugar and artificial flavors bloat me like nothing else. Unfortunately, my favorite candies, like sour straws, gummy bears and licorice, really do a number on my tummy. I get bloated quick, as sugar is a known inflammatory. I therefore limit my candy consumption to my "cheat days," and really try to watch how much sugar I consume in general (this includes white bread, rice, etc.).
  • Fiber is a girl's best friend. For more info, see The Benefits of Fiber.
    Instead of doing anything drastic to make it to my ideal weight, I plan to continue to eat as healthy as possible (with a few cheat days mixed in of course :-)), and focus on a healthy balance of rest and exercise. My goal is to maintain my current weight if nothing else, and continue to strive for a fit mind, body and soul.


    Ms. Harmony said...

    Ok first, where did you get that dress, LOVE IT! I recently discovered Jackie on Netflix because I can stream her reality show. If I can afford her I love to train with her. You are right about doing what works for you. Another tip to add is to stay consistent in your diet/workout regiment. Happy Friday!!

    DPrincess28 said...

    @Mrs. Harmony: I got it from I love their dresses! And you're right, staying consistent is key ;-).