Friday, August 17, 2012

Celebrity Hair

Traction Alopecia in the Media

Lately, former super model (and perpetual knockout) Naomi Campbell has gotten quite a bit of attention for her tresses...or lack thereof. The scrutiny is surrounding her non-existent edges. Apparently, Miss Campbell is a victim of traction alopecia, a condition in which a person loses their hair due to excessive tension and or stress to any particular area of the head. Too tight weaves, ponytails or even wigs can cause damage over time--damage that is unfortunately irreversible.

I don't know about you, but I think Miss Campbell is beautiful with or without hair. She's gorgeous, got a brick house body and plenty of dough...dough that can be spent purchasing the best lace front wig in town. I don't know if the hair loss is bothering her as much as it seems to be the paparazzi, who love snapping pics like the ones featured here, but I guess we can take it as a lesson that traction alopecia is real. Be kind to your edges!


Seygra20 said...

I loved this post, you did not judge or bash her, like many other blog posts about this photo. The lady is happy with life, he man is happy with her. I agree, she is beautiful regardless. Did you see her at the Olympics closing ceremony. She looks gorgeous.

DPrincess28 said...

No, I missed her at the Olympics unfortunately, but I'm sure she looked good ;-).