Monday, October 8, 2012

Giveaway #5

It's that time again...

As promised, here is another giveaway! This one is pretty big because I basically cleaned out my supply drawer. The items included in this giveaway are as follows (from left to right):

  • Soft & Beautiful Ultimate Protection Oil Sheen Conditioning Spray with Jojoba & Almond Oils (R)
  • Just For Me Smoothing Gel (H)
  • HerStyler Vitamin E Serum (R)
  • Proclaim Glossing Polish Color & Heat Protection (R)
  • Elasta QP Olive Oil and Mango Butter Moisturizer (click here for a review) (H)
  • Beyond The Zone Stiff Head (Click here for a review) (R)
  • Straight Shot Kill The Kink Straightening Balm (Click here for a review) (H)
  • KeraCare Defining Custard for Curls & Coils (R)
  • Ouidad Moisture Lock Define & Shine Curl Styling Gel-Cream (for wavy-loose curls) (Click here for a review) (R)
  • Ouidad Curl Quencher Hydrafusion Intense Curl Cream (for tighter curls) (Click here for a review) (R)
Some of these items were rarely used (like once or twice) (R); or were heavily used but still contain enough product for you to get a few good trials out of them (H).

To be eligible for the drawing, you must:

A. Be 18 years of age or older
B. Be a resident of the U.S. 
C. Be a subscriber of Protecting Your Crown & Glory

And in order to enter the drawing, please state the following in the comment section below:
  1. Your screen name
  2. How long you've been a subscriber
  3. Whether you are relaxed or natural
  4. What you enjoy the most about your hair and what you enjoy the least
  5. The celebrity whose hair you admire most
Please submit your entries no later than 12pm PST on Wednesday, October 31st. The winner will be announced on Thursday, November 1st. Good luck ladies!


Marie Green said...

1. Marie Green
2. I've been a subbie about a year
3. I am a natural. I went natural about 3-4 years ago and LOVE it
4. I mostly enjoy the many different styles I can do with my natural hair. I least enjoy how my straight looks dont last especially because I live in the NW and its pretty wet :(
5. I would say that Rasheeda's hair is currently my fav. Its gorgeous!

Earliscya said...

2.Under a year
4.I enjoy the versatility the most, and least enjoy the single strand knots.
5.Tracee Ellis Ross

mrsjones0821 said...

1. MrsJones0821
2. 2 or 3 years
3. Relaxed
4. It is soft and holds curls. It is fine and dries out very easily.
5. Olivia from love and hip hop, I love way she styles it and the color.

Wanika Budlove said...

1)Wanika Hubbard
2)I've been following your site and you for about 2 years but have only been a subscriber for less than 6 months.
3)I am natural.(Thanks to you!)
4)I enjoy that it can easily bounce back and how curly my curls get. I dislike that it is very dry and drawn up.
5)I admire a lot of people's hair, but the person's I like the most is Gabrielle Unions.

sassy_n_classy18 said...

1. Sassy_n_Classy18
2. I have been a subscriber for about a year.
3. I am natural
4. What I enjoy the most about my hair is doing many styles(versatile). What I least enjoy about my hair is dryness and shrinkage.
5. I admire Tracee Ellis Ross hair the most.

♪ Yola ♫ said...

1.) Y.Nicole

2.) Over 3 years I believe

3.) Recently relaxed (for the most part. natural was not working for me!)

4.) Most-The healthy part of my hair that's still natural (a good portion of the front of my hair, til about the middle) is very wavy,and It straightens very well so it blends in with my relaxed hair...very versataile & thick ;) Least enjoy that my hair is 5 trillion different textures when natural, so it's difficult to maintain. And when freshly relaxed it straightens too well so it's super flat :(

5.)Keke Wyatt & Eva Marcille (I love different lengths)

Makesha Williams said...
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Anonymous said...

1. Roly1982

2. I believe it's been 3 years now


4. I love the way my hair "Obeys Me". It took a long time to get my hair to do this. I'm thinking its more me learning how to style it. I don't like the way my hair freaks out during season changes. It goes from oily to dry and everything in between.

5. I love Tracy Ellis Ross and Taylor Swift's hair

MagnificentReign said...

I'm going to try to sneak in!

1. MagnificentReign
2. Close to 3 years, if not more
3. Completely natural for almost 3 years.
4. I love that I have an understanding of my hair. My least favorite thing is the time I invest in my hair.
5. Jill Scott and The Mowry twins.