Monday, June 8, 2009


My Bun Out Remix

For my date night last Friday, I did a bun out, but this time I divided my hair into four sections instead of two. This gave me much tighter, bushier waves than my standard, two buns (To see my bun out tutorial, click here: Sexy Waves Thanks To A Bun Out). I think I used a little too much water to set the waves this time, as my hair was a little more unruly than I like it to be. Yet, I must say that the "wild" look was great for a night out of dancing, for it didn't look messed up after all the sweating I did. Normally, I like to flat iron my hair when I go out at night, but this heat-free style was definitely the better option. Below are pictures of the process and finished look.

I made two tight buns on each side of my head like so:

I kept the buns in for a full day then took them down as I was getting ready to go out:

I finger combed through my hair, then slicked back the edges with some of my Isoplus gel. I took some of the hair from the center of my head and created some height at the crown by clipping some of the hair up with the following accessory (I shared with you guys in a previous post that my round face can only carry a style that's full on the sides if I also have height at the crown. See Find A Look That Best Suits Your Face to find styles that best complement your face shape):

And this is what I got:

Hope you like it!


Anonymous said...

You definitely had some waves to envy. You look great! I love that hair style.

DPrincess28 said...


Shelly said...

Very cute and sexy!!!

Ms1derful72 said...

Wow! You very nice! That shade of pink is very flattering on you. Loved the hair also! I'll get there with my bun outs one of these days.

Wild Diva #1 said...

Your hair came out nice! Believe it or not I just started to bun out my hair before going to bed and the results were great!!

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Natzonice said...

o.O This hairstyle !!ROCKZ!! Thanks.. I might have to try this one.