Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Product Haul

I recently purchased some hair care items that I've been wanting to try for some time now. They are:
  • Infusium 23 Leave-in Treatment
  • Hawaiian Silky Miracle Worker 14-in-1
  • Oil Moisturizer Hair Lotion with Castor Oil & Aloe by Bronner Bros.
#1. Infusium 23 Leave-in Treatment ($7.49 @ Walgreens)

I've heard a lot of ladies talk about Infusium's Leave-in Treatment on YouTube, and when I read about it in the latest issue of Hype Hair magazine (See Hair Q & A for more details) I knew I had to get it. According to the bottle, this product "infuses the hair cuticle to help nourish and restore healthy texture and strengthens against damage. (Repair)ologie leave-in treatment instantly detangles wet or dry hair and is light enough to provide manageability."

#2. Hawaiian Silky Miracle Worker 14-in-1 ($4.89 @ Sally Beauty Supply)

Hawaiian Silky's 14-in-1 Miracle Worker claims to be and do all of the following:

-Moisturize hair
-Define curls
-Soften hair
-Add shine
-Soothe dry scalp
-Reduce breakage
-[Be good for] healthy braids
-Repair chemical damage
-No drip
-Increase body
-[Provide] thermal protection

What ultimately compelled me to purchase this product (aside from the fact that I've heard some of my divas talk about it) was the description on the back of the bottle:

"This versatile product can be used as a curl activator, a moisturizer on natural curls and perm waved hair, and leave-in conditioner for relaxed, natural and braided hair."

I explained in my Curly Hair Product Reviews that I am constantly looking for the perfect, curly hair product. Since this claims to be a great moisturizer for naturally curly hair, I figured I may as well give it a shot. I also like the fact that it talks about being a good heat protectant, because if this product proves to work wonders on my curly and straight hair, then it will enable me to consolidate my products.

#3. Oil Moisturizer Hair Lotion by Bronner Bros. ($2.99 @ Sally Beauty Supply)

Like Infusium, I've heard quite a few ladies on YouTube talk about Bronner Bros.' Oil Moisturizer Hair Lotion. Now, you know I love me some Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion, yet I will admit that it is a little heavy. A lot of ladies don't like it because it is a thick, heavy cream. I don't mind its consistency for the most part, because a little goes a long way, so I get more bang for my buck. Yet, if there is a better formula out there, I'm always willing to switch over.

I've actually used this product in the past, and all I can remember is that it was a bit too aqueous for my hair. Basically, it seemed to contain too much water, so my hair would be left feeling wet and would dry out quickly. I haven't used this product in years, and since companies tend to change up formulas, and hair changes over time, I figured why not give it another shot?

This product claims to be a heat protectant for blow drying, but I'll probably just use it as a moisturizing leave-in treatment. I plan to do a full review on this and the aforementioned products, so look out for those in upcoming posts.

The other hair items I purchased was a paddle brush and a brush cleaner:

I've been meaning to get a paddle brush for quite some time now, because I have a friend who does hair, and she talks about how great they are for smoothing the cuticle when blow drying. In addition, I've read about them being great for smoothing the cuticle in the black hair magazines that I read, so I decided to get one and test it out.

I never brush my hair. I only use a brush to slick my edges down. I'm really looking forward to using this paddle brush to see how well it works at getting out tangles. This particular brush claims to:

-Straighten all hair types
-[Be] gentle on hair and scalp
-Minimize breakage and split-ends
-Control fly aways
-[Be] heat-resistant

I opted to get the Ion Ionic Ceramic Paddle Brush. I figure if I'm going to attempt to use this brush to blow dry my hair, I'd rather have one that is ceramic, because ceramic and ionic energy is the best technology to use when straightening the hair. It says that, "The ions help control frizz and fly-aways and help restore natural shine for smoother, healthier looking hair." I believe this to be true because my Ionic blow dryer gets my hair smoother than any blow dryer I've ever used.

I was actually a little wary about purchasing a paddle brush because they look very difficult to clean. Yet, when I asked a customer service rep at Sally's how to clean the brush, she handed me a brush cleaning tool that only cost $1.69. I will let you ladies know just how good it actually is at removing hair and dirt from the brush.

That's it for my hair product haul!



I used the Bronner Brothers hair lotion when I was relaxed, and my hair loved it. It was the only thing that made my relaxed hair curly. I have been meaning to try on my natural hair. My mom did not like it either because she said it was too watery. I'm going to the hair store this weekend to get that and the infusium 23, because the leave-in I'm using now (Neutrogena Triple Moisture) is getting too expensive.

lakitiamarie said...

I LOVE the Hawaiian Silky! I get the perfect braidouts and spiral curls when I use it. I've only used it as a daily moisturizer and I seal with an oil of my choice. I hope you get great results from it as well. As far as the paddle brush, I'm still on the fence with it so I'm interested to see your review on it!

lakitiamarie said...

Have you heard about Tyra rocking her natural hair next season?


bluebonnet67 said...

If want a lighter olive oil moisturuzer try BioInfusion Oilive Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion. You can find it at Walgreens. I have used it a few times and it is much lighter than ORS Olive Oil Moisturizer.

DPrincess28 said...

Thanks for the input ladies. I'll let you know what I think of all the products after I use them.

Lakitia: Yes girl, I heard about Tyra! I'm waiting to see if she's REALLY going to show us her hair, and not a slicked back bun or cornrows, as she's done in the past. I want to see her hair down! XOXO

Anonymous said...

I used the Hawaiian Silky when I was stretching my relaxer,and it was a LIFESAVER!! It tamed my new growth like magic.

I bought the Infusium 23 from Sally's -- the brown and white bottle? Hair loves it. It has helped tremendously with breakage.

I recently also bought the BB moisturizer. I've only used it 2 or 3 times, so no real opinion on that one yet.

Do keep us posted!

Avillacorta said...

I've been waiting to use the Infusium since you did the post from Hype Hair mag. And love how all of the things you try are reasonably priced. It makes it easier to try out. Thx for that. BTW I love my paddle brush but I've never used it dry my hair. Never learned how to hold the brush and blow dryer to dry my hair. But I do use mine to detangle, not all the time but I do use it and love it. It's tons easier to clean. I was wondering if the Ionic dryer was worth getting, thanks for that tid bit. :-)

Nick said...

Ok great timing on this post I am going on a product shopping day tomorrow. I haven't really bought anything since my first. Then I bought the Kinky Kurly Custard and Knot Today (DID NOT WORK FOR ME!); Kendra moisturizing conditioner; Bronner Bros; Worlds of Curls;Motions Mousse and that was about it. I am in 11 mos for my transitioning and things are going a bit better. I had my hair straightened for the first time last week and had about 4 inches cut (slightly traumatized...not completely!)

I am going to try the Infusium 23 and the Hawaian Silky..and a couple of other styling aids. I need something that is going to tame the very very front part of my forehead. Its unbelievable it will not curl its hard dry bushy frizzy you name it! My girlfriend and I were laughing b/c it looks absolutely nothing like the rest of my texture on my hair. Could it be scab hair (does that even reallly exist)?...I was contemplating with the idea of putting in dare I say it a Kiddie perm in that small front section about an inch in. What do you think...Can I really be a bonafide natural diva with about 2 inch long and an inch back of relaxed hair?