Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I am not trying to lose 30 pounds!

Hey divas,

Apparently, some of you misread my "Take Back Your Hair" Challenge post. The rules for the challenge were written in pink in my original post and are as follows:

DPrincess28's "Take Back Your Hair" Challenge Rules
  1. You must take a picture of your hair at the beginning of the challenge (Track the start date), and a picture of your hair at the end (Those of you who are interested in sharing your results, please submit your photos to You can see photos of those who began the challenge on September 1st here: The "Take Back Your Hair" Challenge Has Begun!).
  2. Weave/braid/extension wearers must abstain from these styles for the duration of the challenge (three months).
  3. You can only straighten your hair twice during the challenge! Yes ladies, that means you must experiment with heat-free styles for most of the challenge. Let's minimize our use of blow dryers, flat irons, and hot combs!
  4. You must deep condition your hair at least twice a month (This will enable everyone to alternate between protein and moisturizing deep conditioning treatments).
  5. You must keep your hair moisturized, as this will prevent your ends from splitting and help aid in length retention.
If there's anything else that you plan to do during the three months that you believe will aid in length retention, make note of it so you can share it with the rest of the ladies.

The portion that was written in blue was an example of another lady's challenge that I quoted from. I am not trying to lose 30 pounds! My challenge doesn't even include weight loss, but, as I stated in my subsequent post titled, I'm Excited You Plan to "Take Back Your Hair!", I did mention that "hair growth is an internal process, so regardless of what you do to the outside, you have to take care of the inside. Thus, be sure to eat healthy and exercise in order to assist with your progress and to ensure a healthy body overall."

I'm sorry that some of you were confused. I wish all the participants much success during the challenge and beyond!



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