Monday, February 7, 2011


Did My Feet Shrink?

I don't know how many of you have noticed, but designers have recently made adjustments to standard shoe sizes. I have been a size 8 for years, and have never had a problem finding shoes that fit. Recently however, I've noticed that size 8 shoes are too large for my feet, as my last few purchases have been a 7.5. I thought I was trippin' until I created a thread about it on my personal Facebook page, and lo and behold, some of my female friends chimed in and said that they noticed the same thing!

The thing that has me most salty about this size change issue is that I'm finding that the new sizes are unstable. Take for instance my last two purchases. Do you remember my Shoes for NYE 2010? Well, those were a 7.5, and they fit just fine. Yet, I recently purchased the bad boys you see in the pic above from Forever 21 in a 7.5, and the craziest thing happened: the left shoe fit like a glove, but the right shoe is too big! What's-a-goin-on?

Have you or anyone you know noticed the change in shoe sizes?

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