Monday, February 7, 2011


Valentine's Day Swag

Valentine's Day is rapidly approaching, and I'm looking for a hairstyle to rock that will send my hubby's heart racing! Below are pics of a few styles I've found that I may just cop for the big day. Check 'em out:

#1. Big Curls

I'm really digging these big curls Kendra Wilkinson is sporting. I like the way she has one side pulled back, with a swoop bang on the other side. I should be able to accomplish this look with either a roller set, or by flat ironing my hair and then setting the hair on rollers. Place a few bobby pins on the side and voila!

#2. Pompadour

I know from experience that styles that place height at the crown are most flattering to my face. Thus, I could see myself wearing some sort of pompadour with big hair all around, much like how Christina Milian has her hair in this pic. The thing I like most about this look is that I could probably recreate it without using heat, as a bunout or braidout would yield similar results.

#3. Fluffy Pony

I love the fullness of Miss Ciara's textured ponytail! This is another look that features height at the crown, and I think I could achieve this style by adding extensions (via clip ins) and doing a bunout on dry, stretched out hair. Heat may not be necessary if I can stretch out my curls while air drying. Slicking all my hair into a bun and wearing a full phony pony would also do the trick!

#4. Sophisticated Updo

If I want to go for a more sophisticated look, I could rock this updo a la Keyshia Cole. This could be duplicated by flat ironing my hair, slicking it back into a high ponytail, and forming large pin curls. I could easily see a pretty flower or some other accessory adding a flirty, feminine touch to the look.

How are you planning to wear your hair this Valentine's Day?


Augusta7 said...

Very nice options, Don't leave us hanging show us which style you finally decided on okay. I may give the first one a shot myself.

MagnificentReign said...

My honey and I don't usually do much for Valentine's Day. However, I do want to cook for him so I think that I will be doing a little something to my hair. I have been wearing my hair in protective styles for a while because of the east coast winter weather. I think I will probably just rock my natural curls. He encouraged me to go natural but rarely gets to see my hair out, so it might be a treat for both of us!
I think that Christina Milian's hair is the bestest out of the 4! ;)