Monday, June 15, 2009


My Favorite Products Updated

I've been experimenting with quite a few products lately, but for the most part, I'm still in love with the products I featured in the My Favorite Products videos I posted some months ago. However, there are a few products I've added to my repertoire that I'd like to introduce to you ladies. Thus, I have decided to update the Fav Products section of my website to include all the products that I currently use and love. If you or anyone you know is interested in trying some of these products, I've created a storefront via Amazon where you can purchase these and some of my favorite skin care items without leaving the comfort of your home (See navigation bar at the top for: Beauty Store).

Shampoos & Conditioners
#1. Just For Me Shampoo
This is great for my curly hair, as it is less harsh than other shampoos that tend to strip my hair of essential moisture. This provides my natural curls with the right amount of conditioning to make for easier detangling.

#2. ORS Replenishing Pak
This moisturizing deep conditioning treatment is a favorite among many. It is great for putting moisture back into the hair, especially before heat styling.

#3. Aphogee Keratin 2 Minute Reconstructor
This protein treatment is critical for maintaining strong, healthy locs. I alternate this with my ORS Replenishing Pak to make sure I'm adding both strength and moisture to my hair (Get the full scoop on protein treatments here: Protein Treatments).

#1. ORS Olive Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion
This hair lotion is great for moisturizing my hair once it's been straightened. It is super thick, which is why many people don't like it. Yet, I love it because a little goes a long way! All I need is to add a dime size amount to the ends of my hair, and I've replenished the moisture lost from a day of exposure to the elements and styling (For full product details, checkout: Palmers Olive Oil Moisturizing Hair Milk vs. ORS Olive Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion).

#2. Double Strength Super Gro Extra Lite hair oil by Bronner Bros.
This lightweight hair grease is great at locking in moisture prior to styling my curls with gel. I also use it to moisturize and set my braidouts and bun outs.

#3. Coconut Oil by Proline
I forgot to include this in the My Favorite Products videos, but this hair grease is one I've used many times in the past and am currently using today. Similar to my beloved Bronner Bros., this is a super lightweight hair oil that adds just the right amount of moisture to my hair to keep it soft and supple (It's actually lighter than the Bronner Bros.). I use this as a first step in prepping my natural curls, and to moisturize my braidouts and bun outs.

#1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil (aka "EVOO")
This oil works great as a hot oil or pre-poo treatment. I used it religiously while I was transitioning from relaxed to natural, and believe it is the reason why I incurred little to no breakage during the transition process. See my full review of it here: Olive Oil As A Conditioning Treatment.

#2. African Angel Vitamin E Oil
Unlike the pure Vitamin E oil I bought a while back and debuted in my Healthy Hair Tip: Eat Your Wheaties video, this oil is much thinner and less sticky. I wasn't feeling the pure Vitamin E oil as a scalp treatment because of its consistency, so I was so happy when I found this fast absorbing, light oil that is a combination of Vitamin E, Olive, Jojoba, Safflower, Rosemary, Nutmeg, and Oregano oils. Look out for this in an upcoming tutorial on scalp massages.

Styling Products
#1. Short Looks Styling Gel by Luster's Pink Shortlooks
I still think Worlds of Curls curl activator gel is great, but this lighter, more moisturizing curl activator gel has currently replaced it as one of my favs. Get my full review of it here: A New Curl Activator Gel I'm Loving.

#2. Twist It Hold It Shine It by Luster's Pink Shortlooks
This heavy cream is great for setting two-strand twists and keeping them in place for days on end. It can also be used in place of gel to slick down edges. Look out for it in an upcoming video on two-strand twists.

#3. One 'N Only Ceramic Silk Thermal Protection Ironing Crème
This crème is my new favorite heat protectant. Unlike ORS Olive Oil Lotion, it doesn't weigh my hair down or make it feel greasy. Check out my video review of it here: My New Str8 Hair Reggie. You can also get the specific details of it here: One 'N Only Ceramic Silk.

#4. Megasilk Olive Heat Protection Spray
This spray combined with the One 'N Only Ceramic Silk Thermal Protection Ironing Crème protects my hair from heat, while adding moisture and shine. See my video review of it here: Product Test/Mini Review: Megasilk Olive Heat Protection Spray.

#5. One 'N Only Ceramic Silk Curling Iron Glaze
This heat protectant spray is great at providing a lightweight, non-sticky hold to curling iron-crafted curls. I introduced it on my blog in a post titled Products On My Radar, and reviewed it in the My New Str8 Hair Reggie video. (*Special Note: Some have inquired as to why I use a separate spray to flat iron my hair and curl my hair. The answer to this is simple: This curling iron glaze is the equivalent of a non-aerosol hair spray, so it will provide your hair with a light hold for styling. In addition, it comes out as a pure liquid and will cause your hair to revert back to its natural state if you use too much, which is why I wouldn't advise using it as a flat iron spray. The Megasilk Olive Heat Protection Spray makes the hair soft and gives it a great shine, but provides no hold, which is why I don't use it as a curling iron spray).

#6. Isoplus Styling Pre-conditioning Light Gel
This gel is great at slicking down my edges, and doesn't cause my hair to flake up, even after multiple applications.

As you can see, a lot of the usual suspects still remain, with a few new additions. Look out for these products in upcoming tutorials!


Fabbzee said...

ORS Replenishing Pack..... I love love love it. I have been telling many of my girlfriends to try it. I never tried it, till i went to the store, and saw it. I remember you talking about it, and i thought to my self i must try it today. I must say it was the best. The moment i put it on I fell in love. It is so great. Thanks so much~ Puppieluv416

P.S I do plan to move to Cali in Feb, or Hawaii not sure .....

Fabulosity said...

Thanks for the update. Having the beauty store was a great idea. It really makes things easier.

DPrincess28 said...

Yes girl, ORS is the bomb! And Fabulosity: You're welcome :-)!

Anonymous said...

Hi D,
I noticed that you don't use Kera Care. Have you ever tried anything in that line of products?
Love your blog.

Avillacorta said...

Great post! Look forward to trying that coconut oil and the bronner bros oil. I needed something that can help my sons hair maintain moisture. He is biracial and his hair is drier than mine.

Anonymous said...

Love your hair. Love your youtube vids. Any suggestions where I can find the Luster's twist gel online? This was my fav product a few years back and now I can't find it in anywhere. Thanks.